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MGISD Ltd. Privacy Notice

As a Data Controller your privacy is important to us ‘MGISD Ltd’. This Privacy Notice is written In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”)  and with respects to your right with regards to data privacy and data protection when you communicate with us (online or offline) MGISD Ltd. Unit 1 Dukesway, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead NE11 0PZ. This includes any affiliated trading name under MGISD Ltd.

The purpose of our Privacy Notice is to inform you how we collect, store, use, share, process and protect the personal information about our consumers (“you”). It also tells you how you can access and update your personal information and make certain choices about how your personal information is used.

By using our websites, applications or by otherwise giving us your personal information you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice. If you do not agree to this Privacy Notice, please do not use our websites or applications or give us any of your personal information. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Notice at any time

What we mean by personal information?

Personal information can be anything that identifies and relates to a living person. This can include information that when put together with other information can then identify a person.
This may include;

  • Personal details e.g. name, address, telephone numbers, emails, subcontractor qualifications
  • A log of communications with you by email or telephone
  • Financial details e.g. Bank name, account details, project financial reports
  • Project Plans and associated documents/reports

Why do we need your personal information?
We may need to use some information about you for legitimate, contractual interests and/or for legal obligations. This may include;

  • Internal record keeping
  • Service delivery and planning
  • manage those services we provide to you
  • train and manage the employment of our  workers who deliver those services
  • help investigate any worries or complaints you have about your services
  • it is necessary to protect public health, and the prevention of fraud/crime
  • keep track of spending on services
  • check the quality of services; and
  • to help with research and planning of new services 

How we may collect your personal data

  • You have contacted by contacting our office, via face to face, telephone or email
  • You have contacted us via our facebook page, website or other business directory
  • you have given consent
  • you have entered into a contract with us

What we do with your personal information
The law gives you a number of rights to control what personal information is used by us and how it is used by us. 

  • Where we can, we’ll only collect and use personal information if we need it to deliver a service or meet a requirement
  • If we need to share your personal information with a subcontractor or supplier this will be for the sole purpose of meeting your service request(s) or contractual requirements. Where we have these arrangements there is always an agreement in in place to make sure that the organisation complies with data protection law. In extreme, In some cases we may complete a privacy impact assessment (PIA) before we share personal information to make sure we protect your privacy and comply with the law.
  • We don’t sell your personal information to anyone else
  • We will never send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email or communications, or share your personal information with anyone else who might
  • If we use your personal information for research and analysis, we’ll always keep you anonymous or use a different name unless you’ve agreed that your personal information can be used for that research.
  • We would always seek your permission to use client references, project photos etc. on our website, social media or other business marketing/directories.

Using our Website
When you visit our website, and subject to your consent to the use of cookies as the case may be, please bear in mind that we may record: 

  • the areas of the website that you visit; 
  • the campaign/URL from where you came to the website;
  • your activity on the website, such as products viewed, resources that you download and any information you provide to us;
  • information about your computer, such as which browser you are using, your network location and the type of connection you are using (e.g. broadband, ADSL etc.) and your IP address; and
  • technical and other information that does not personally identify you.

We do this by using cookies, you can personally deactivate cookies on your web browser. We don’t use any third-party advertising or tracking code. Our websites are installed with a SSL certificate, SSL Certificates provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and an internet browser.
When you submit an online enquiry, request information from us, register for a newsletter, we may ask for some or all of the following information;

  • your name;
  • email address; 
  • postal address; 
  • telephone number; and
  • project name/details

Some mandatory information is required and you’ll see that indicated by a star (*), but other information is optional. Once you submit information through our website we will know who you are and you acknowledge that your activities on this website and information about you and may be recorded on our systems which includes cloud-based systems. If you don't provide mandatory information, we may refuse to accede to the request for which this information was requested.

Your Rights

  • You have the right to be informed provides fair processing in the way of this Privacy Notice
  • If we have given us consent to use your personal information, you have the right to request to remove it at any time.
  • You also have the right to ask for all the information we have about you and the services you receive from us. When we receive a request from you in writing, we must give you access to everything we’ve recorded about you.  This applies to personal information that is in both paper and electronic records. However, we can’t let you see any parts of your record which contain:
    1. Confidential information about other people; or
      Data a professional thinks will cause serious harm to your or someone else’s physical or mental wellbeing; or
    2. If we think that giving you the information may stop us from preventing or detecting a crime
  • You can ask to change information you think is inaccurate.We may not always be able to change or remove that information but we’ll correct factual inaccuracies and may include your comments in the record to show that you disagree with it.  
  • In some circumstances you can ask for your personal information to be deleted, for example: 
    1. Where your personal information is no longer needed for the reason why it was collected in the first place
    2. Where you have removed your consent for us to use your information (where there is no other legal reason us to use it)
    3. Where there is no legal reason for the use of your information
    4. Where deleting the information is a legal requirement
    5. Where your personal information has been shared with others, we’ll do what we can to make sure those using your personal information comply with your request for erasure.

Please note that we can’t delete your information where:

  1. we’re required to have it by law
  2. it is used for freedom of expression 
  3. it is used for public health purposes
  4. it is for, scientific or historical research, or statistical purposes where it would make information unusable
  5. it is necessary for legal claims 
  • You have the right to ask us to restrict what we use your personal information for where:
    1. you have identified inaccurate information, and have told us of it
    2. where we have no legal reason to use that information but you want us to restrict what we use it for rather than erase the information altogether

How do we protect your information?

We’ll do what we can to make sure we hold records about you (on paper and electronically) in a secure way, and we’ll only make them available to those who have a right to see them. Examples of our security include:

  • Password protected computer systems and locked storage
  • SSL Certificates Encryption installation on our websites and email, meaning that information is hidden so that it cannot be read without special knowledge (such as a password). This is done with a secret code or what’s called a ‘cypher’. The hidden information is said to then be ‘encrypted’. (dependent on if the mail client is configured to use SSL communication)
  • Controlling access to systems and networks allows us to stop people who are not allowed to view your personal information from getting access to it
  • Training for our staff allows us to make them aware of how to handle information and how and when to report when something goes wrong
  • Regular testing of our technology and ways of working including keeping up to date on the latest security updates  

Where in the world is your information?

Your personal information will not be transferred outside of the UK or EEA.

How long do we keep your personal information?

We have a legal duty to keep personal information relating to our business accounts for 7 years.

Where can I get advice?
If you wish to remove your consent, restrict or you have any queries about access to the information we hold this must be applied in writing, if you can’t ask for your records in writing please contact us via telephone. Where possible we’ll seek to comply with your request, but we may need to hold or use information because we are required to by law.

Point of Contact; Debbie Wombwell
Addressee; MGISD Ltd. Unit 1 Dukesway, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, NE11 0PZ

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing issues, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) at:
Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF

Tel: 0303 123 1113